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What is Mindbloom?

Mindbloom Incorporated is a Seattle-based interactive media company that’s out to make life improvement accessible to everyone. By harnessing next-generation engagement techniques and focusing them on personal development, Mindbloom has created a new, powerful way for people to improve the quality of their lives. Utilizing behavioral science, personalized rich media, and fun social gaming techniques in their offerings Mindbloom makes the process of personal growth fun, simple and effective.

Mindbloom was founded in 2008 by executive gaming producer Chris Hewett and early Amazon executive Brent Poole.

Mindbloom headquarters, where all development takes place, is in the heart of Seattle’s Downtown area.

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How much does it cost to play Mindbloom Life Game?

Mindbloom Life Game is a free to play app. Our Premium version, GrowPro, is $89 for a lifetime subscription (For a limited time, get GrowPro for only $34!). While GrowPro comes with many great features, recommended actions, and images to add to your tree, it is in no way mandatory to purchase. Click here for details.

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Is Mindbloom Life Game for me?

If you want to improve the quality of your life in one or more of the following areas: health, finances, career, spirituality, creativity, lifestyle, and leisure, then Mindbloom is for you!

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What are your plans for the future?

Mindbloom is constantly evolving and continuously looking for ways to utilize cutting edge technology and resources to inspire our users to grow the life they want. We’re always happy to hear customer suggestions, so if you have one, click here and let us know!

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How to Play

How do I get started / How do I register to play?

To play Mindbloom Life Game, go to and click the green Get Started button. Follow the on screen instructions and tutorial to start growing the life you want!

If you already have an account, go to and enter your email and password in the upper right corner.

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What are Life Areas?

Life areas are the focus areas for what matters to you personally. If you want to focus on an area, click to circle it during the registration process. Don’t worry, if you didn’t choose an area during the registration process, you can still add actions and inspiration later, and they will be automatically added to your tree.

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Why do you need my email address?

Email is the best way for Mindbloom to get in touch with you. Your email address allows us to send you a daily reminder of your scheduled actions, the inspiration of the day, your friend requests, SnailMail messages, and how many seeds you can earn that day by visiting. This is one small way in which Mindbloom helps you become more aware of your goals and provides motivation to reach them. Of course, if you’d really rather not receive email, you can customize your email settings (click here if you are logged in currently).

We will never spam you or any of your friends. Click here to see our Privacy Policy.

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Why do you need to know my gender?

Gender is used to make sure we use the correct pronoun in areas such as friend invitations. Your choice does not affect the user experience in Life Game or any Mindbloom product.

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Why do you need to know my Birthday?

Your birthday lets us know you are legally old enough to play Mindbloom Life Game (click here to see terms and conditions of use). It also lets us wish you a happy birthday and gives users a more immersive and personalized experience.

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What is Sun View?

Sun view is an inspirational player that will play back any images, quotes, or music that you’ve added to your tree to give you a boost of motivation. Watch your inspirational movie for at least 10 seconds per day for a boost to your Sun Energy.

Click here to get inspired! (Must be logged in)

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How do I upload my own images?

Open the Inspiration App and click the images icon. Click Upload An Image and then click Choose File. Images must be 5mb or less in size. Please only upload images which you own, or to which you have permission.

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How do I upload my own songs?

Open the Inspiration App and click the music icon. Click Upload a Song and then click Choose File. Songs must be 10mb or less in size and use the .mp3 or .m4a file extension. Please only upload songs which you own, or to which you have permission.

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How many images and songs can I upload?

New users can upload 10 images and 3 songs to get started. Users can increase their capacity by purchasing (with seeds) more storage in The Market.

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What is the Inspiration of the Day?

The Inspiration of the Day is meant to inspire you with a new motivational image. The Inspiration of the Day is chosen from Mindbloom’s own gallery and changes on a daily basis.

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What are actions?

Actions are the tasks and behaviors you select for yourself to help move you towards your goals. For suggestions and examples, see our database of Recommended Actions here. Recommended Actions come with a full description of how and why to do an action, potential benefits of performing specific actions, and resources to help you learn more and become inspired.

To add an action, click the plus sign at the top of the actions interface, then search for actions that interest you.  Click on the action you wish to add, and a detailed description of the action will appear.  Once you’ve decided you want to do an action, click the green Do This button in the upper right hand corner of the interface.

For a more personalized experience, create your own actions or get suggestions from the Mindbloom Community by inviting friends!

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What is the Action of the Day?

The Action of the Day is meant to inspire you to try something new and learn what other people are doing. The Action of the Day is taken from Mindbloom’s own Recommended Actions database and changes on a daily basis.

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How do I schedule an action?

You can commit to do an action by clicking the green dot next to the action you’ve added to your tree. The green dot will change to an orange dot with a white outline, indicating it’s due today, or a green dot with a white outline, indicating it’s due in the future.

For more details, refer to the legend in the calendar view tab of any action.

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How do I indicate that I’ve completed an action for the day?

Click any dot until it changes into a green dot with a check mark. This indicates that you’ve met your intended goals for the day–great job! If you forget to visit, don’t worry, you can go back and check off anything you’ve done in the past by using calendar view.

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What can I do if I want to do an action on a recurring/repeating schedule?

Clicking any day of the week in calendar view will schedule it for every day on that day of the week from today into the future.

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I’ve completed an action for the day, now what?

You can journal, and record your thoughts, by clicking on the pencil icon for a completed or missed action in list view, or by clicking on any completed or missed action in calendar view.

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I don’t have any friends in my forest, how do I invite people?

You can invite friends and family to help support you by opening your Friends App and inviting others through email, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, or MSN. If you want to interact more with the Mindbloom community outside of the people in your personal circle, you can search for existing users by using our search utility, also in the Friends App.

Note: Users must complete the tutorial on their accounts, or they may not show up as friends or in the search results.

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I want to invite my friends, but I don’t want them to see everything. How do I manage privacy?

Privacy is managed on a “case by case” basis. Every image, quote, song, or action you upload has it’s own privacy level. This can usually be accessed by opening up the relevant app and then clicking the Manage button.

  • For “Only Me” means that no one but you, not even your friends, will be able to see this item.
  • For “Friends” means only friends in your Mindbloom Forest will be able to see this item. They will be able to join in any discussion to which they have permission, and give you tips and motivation to succeed.
  • For “Everyone” means that this item is available to the public. Even people without a Mindbloom account will be inspired by you! Our hope is to “pay it forward” and have a community that supports each other in a meaningful way.

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What is sun and rain energy and how do they affect my tree?

Leaf color and size indicate how healthy your tree is. Sun and rain energy, whenever they reach 100%, will give your tree a boost of energy to celebrate that fact that you’re following through with your intentions. Uploading and posting inspiration, as well as watching your inspiration, will give you sun energy and increase the size of your leaves. Rain energy is earned by completing your actions and will increase the color of your leaves. To encourage intentional living, if you schedule your actions 24 hours in advance you’ll get double the rain energy when you complete them!

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What are seeds and how are they related to my tree?

Seeds indicate your progress in the game, and also act as currency to purchase many features and game goodies, including background themes. The healthier your tree, the more seeds your tree produces! But you need to visit your tree each day to collect your seeds. The more seeds you earn, the higher the level you reach!

You can also use seeds to buy sun and rain for your friends trees. You can click on a friend in Forest View and help someone who could use some encouragement.

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What are levels?

Levels are a great way to gauge how far you’ve gone in reaching your goals. Like most games, the earlier levels are the easiest, and should be used to get used to your new daily habits. The later levels may be harder, but may also motivate you to try new, or different things to help you achieve your goals. See if you can reach level 35!

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What are achievements?

Achievements are special badges you earn when you are using Mindbloom features that accelerate your personal growth. For example, you can earn badges for journaling, for adding inspiration, for visiting your tree on a regular basis, for encouraging friends, and for many other actions! You and your friends can check out your Achievements tab in the Friends App.

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Social Network

How do I get others involved in what I’m doing?

There are multiple ways to share with friends outside of Mindbloom. You can post to your Facebook wall by clicking the Share button anywhere it appears on inspiration or actions. You can also go here and connect your account with Facebook, so that your friends automatically get updated on your latest. If you prefer Twitter, you can automatically post to your followers from the Social Tab in Settings as well.

Please note: no private data will ever be posted automatically.

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I want to let my friends know what I’m doing, but I don’t think they’re the kind of people who will actually use Mindbloom:

Not to worry! Anything you share and set to public will have a public view that can be accessed without a Mindbloom account. Just share through Facebook, Twitter, or by Email and the link will automatically be generated.

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I’m at work and the Mindbloom site is blocked; how can I check in with Mindbloom.

You’re in luck, Mindbloom has gone mobile for those busy people who want to bloom on the go. Visit on your smart phone’s mobile browser to schedule actions, complete actions, journal, send SnailMail, and even view your tree and seeds.

You can earn seeds, sun, and rain points on mobile just like the desktop version of the Life Game. Simply visiting on your phone at least once per day gives you your seeds, +10 sun, and +5 rain. When you complete your actions on mobile you’ll gain rain points, if you watch your inspiration (iOS only, Android coming soon!) you’ll earn sun points; all from the convenience of your smartphone. Notifications will show whenever you earn points, so watch for them at the top of the screen.

Mobile Requirements:
  • Android 2.1+
  • iOS 4.2.1+

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I clicked a button and nothing happened:

A number of links and buttons in Mindbloom trigger a popup (Facebook log in for example). Please make sure your popup blocker is disabled or set to allow to open popups.

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I’m having trouble with uploading / audio:

The mute button in the bottom menu bar is highlighted when sound is on and greyed out when sound is off. In addition, Flash is required to upload or use sound. Please visit the Adobe Flash page here to download the latest version.

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Some elements are formatted oddly:

Please make sure you have the latest version of your browser. Please see our System Requirements below:

Operating System:
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Mac OS X Leopard or newer
Minimum Browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Firefox 3.6+
  • Safari 5+
  • Chrome
Minimum Resolution:
  • 1024×768
Minimum Connect Speed:
  • Broadband
  • Javascript Enabled
  • Cookies Enabled

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I can’t get Mindbloom to remember me / I can’t go through the registration process:

Mindbloom relies on cookies to recognize users and make sure no one has access to your account but you. Please make sure your browser is set to allow third party cookies.

Also, if your browser has a “Private Browsing” mode, please set this to off or Mindbloom will not be able to recognize you as an existing user when you return.

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My actions on mindbloomobile are showing as missed or ? for today, but it looks fine on my desktop:

Life Game actions are partially calculated based on timezone, so it is important for you to keep your timezones consistent. Check your mobile device and make sure it is set to the same timezone as your Life Game account on your desktop. We recommend using your device’s “Automatic” setting for time instead of manually setting the timezone.

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When my friend plays Mindbloom, they see a completely different set of life areas and actions… Why?

Most likely your friend is part of a company or group we are partnered with. If they registered their account through a different website, such as, they will get the Sacramento State University version of Mindbloom that is more tailored and personalized for Sac State students and employees.

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I’m seeing old data displayed. Is there any reason for this?

Mindbloom is constantly updating and implementing new features. In order to provide users with the fastest experience possible, Mindbloom uses cache files (temporary copies stored on your computer). To make sure you are seeing the latest version of Mindbloom, please clear your cache. This process varies depending on what browser you use. See this guide for detailed instructions.

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I’m not getting emails from Mindbloom. What can I do?

If you aren’t receiving email from Mindbloom, first, check your Mindbloom account settings to make sure you have allowed email reminders from Mindbloom. You can find these options under the Settings – Options tab (here). Next, check the spam filter in your email inbox to make sure email isn’t winding up in your trash. The best way to prevent Mindbloom email from being missed is to add to your contacts list.

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I’ve had an account for a while, but now my focus has completely shifted. Do I need to start another account?

Your goals may shift and change as you move through life. If you find yourself wanting to start over completely, log in, click Settings, click the Options tab, and click reset tree. All your Mindbloom friendships will be retained, so you won’t have to re-invite everyone.

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I thought the site was very interesting, unfortunately I don’t think this is for me right now:

We understand that people are at different stages of life; if you’d like to deactivate your account, log in to your account, click Settings, click the Options tab and click Terminate Account.  Deactivating your account will prevent any future Mindbloom emails from being sent to your account email address.

Please note, you must complete the tutorial in order to access settings.  If you do not see the settings gear wheel in the lower right hand corner, follow the on screen instructions until it appears.

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