Prove Yourself
With Proof!

Start a Challenge

Create a 7-day challenge, personalize it and get started. Use proof to motivate yourself to get in shape, change a habit or do a little good in the world.

Invite Others

Make it fun and super social by inviting friends and family to play along. Compete for prizes or just your pride.

Prove It

Prove you met the challenge with pictures or video...and let the game chatter begin.

Screen Shots

Proof is the funnest way to challenge yourself and friends to do something amazing... ON CAMERA!

If you’re looking for a fun, simple and social way to tackle a goal, develop some good habits or dare a friend to do something extraordinary, Proof is ready to play. Get going with a catalog full of customizable 7-day challenges from well-known experts, or quickly create your own. Challenge your friends, or go solo. Proof even has a custom “Prize” feature so you can raise the stakes, or add a bit more incentive to keep your friends and family in the game.

Prove yourself, with Proof!

Use Proof to...

  • Prove that you did something amazing
  • Stick to your goals for a week
  • Challenge a group of friends to do 50 push ups each day
  • Motivate your family to help out around the house
  • Add a little spice to your relationship
  • Lose a pound or two
  • Challenge your office to a fundraising smackdown!


  • Create or join weekly challenges
  • Capture photo or video Proof with your smartphone
  • Offer rewards to friends and co-workers who reached their goal
  • Play privately or with friends